Heidelberg Tango Club: Gastlehrer

Corina & Vincento


Im Jahre 2008 entdeckte Corina den Tango Argentino und reiste 2010 und 2011 nach längere Zeit nach Buenos Aires. Im Oktober 2010 trat sie zusammen mit Andreas Mörl die Nachfolge der verstorbenen Barbara Calenberg, als Inhaberin der TangoAcademy an.


An Lebensjahren der jüngste, jedoch an tänzerischen Jahren einer der erfahrensten Lehrer der TangoAcademy. Vincento begann bereits im zarten Alter von 8 Jahren mit seiner Schwester seine Tangokarriere. Als Naturtalent erkannt reisten die beiden viel mit Fabian und Marion Acosta, den Gründern von Tango International. Später stieß Vincento als Freelancer zum Team der TangoAcademy. Seit 2010 ist er fester Bestandteil des Kernteams und unterrichtet schwerpunktmäßig die fortgeschrittenen Tangokurse 3-5.



Maja & Marko

Maja - Marko

Maja and Marko started dancing seven years ago with their friends and teachers Tajana and Zrinko and were active participants in development of tango scene in Zagreb, Croatia. In the past few years they taught regular tango classes in tango school "Tango Argentino Zagreb".

Since last year they live in Karlsruhe, Germany where they are occupied with bringing tango closer to younger audience and where they give workshops and organize the “Milonga Divina” in collaboration with Siempre Tango. Their dance is mostly influenced by younger generation of Argentine artists like Pablo Rodríguez and Noelia Hurtado, Federico Naveira and Inés Muzzopappa as well as Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli and Juana Sepúlveda and Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa. They are trying to mix all this great influences and styles to come up with something of their own which is relaxed, comfortable and fun.

Maja is also very involved in collecting and exploring tango music, which she often shares with other people as a DJane, "Das Maja" , on various milongas.


Bärbel Rücker

Bertil Nestorius



Bärbel tanzt seit 1997 und unterrichtet seit 1999. Seit 2006 tourt sie durch ganz Europa sowohl als Tänzerin als auch als Lehrerin. In den Jahren von 2006 bis 2009 verbrachte Bärbel insgesamt 11 Monate in Buenos Aires, tanzte, unterichtete und entwickelte ihren eigenen Stil des Tangos.

Sie hat sowohl allein unterichtet, als auch mit verschidenen Tangotänzern, wie Henrik Uldall (DK), Riku Kotiranta (S) und Rafael Busch (D).




Ozgur Demir & Marina Marques

Ozgur - Marina

Ozgur Demir, he is a Turkish but he lives in Buenos Aires since 2007. He has been dancing and teaching Tango more than 9 years. He started his professional tango life in Turkey. For him Tango is the only way to have an unlimited communication with another person, becoming one from two, not only with body, steps or music but also with souls! He studied with well known teachers such as Fabian Salas, Julio Balmaceda, Gustavo Naveira and Chicho Frumboli but mostly he improved by practicing himself. He teaches, dances and travels with Marina Marques .He performed in many milongas of Buenos Aires such as Practica X, Tangolab, Tangocool, Loca Milonga, Maldita, El Beso and etc. He used to teach his regular group classes at Tango Brujo in Buenos Aires and He already gave loads of workshops in different Cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Basel, Reykjavik, Stocholm, Moscow and Istanbul. He travels a lot to spread out what he believes about Tango.

Marina Marques was born in São Paolo, Brazil, and she started her artistic career at the age of 11 by taking several acting workshops at theatre school. Five years later she became interested in Latin dances and she applied to a number of schools to complete her studies and receive the title of dance teacher for forró, samba and zouk. Her thriving need to learn new things gave her the impulse to study modern dance at the “CIA Raça de São Paulo” school. Then she has specialized in tango, studying with Jaime Arôxa, Ronaldo Bolaño and Giggio Giovanni from Brazil. Then she moved to Buenos Aires and worked with very well known teachers of different styles of tango to improve her skills. Last a few years She has been performing and teaching all over Europe, Argentina and Brazil.

Ozgur & Marina have been working together for a year. Their style is a combination of very strong tecnique, musical expression and emotional expression without loosing elegancy of Tango! And they want to teach to everyone how easy to make two people to get know each other in the embrace! their style is neither traditional nor Nuevo tango but they use all the elements of nuevo tango with mostly close embrace..

Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, vom 04.-06. Dezember ein Workshop-Wochenende
mit Ozgur und Marina anbieten zu können.


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